Vagabond The Artist

Arizona Native, self-taught artist and musician, initially on a journey of 

personal introspection and recreation. An injury sustained in 2014 facilitated 

the exploration into pursuing Artistic Expression as a full-time profession.

Now drawing upon experiences as both a therapist and patient, 

as well as years of psychedelic experimentation, 

Vagabond continues to express otherwise undefinable

thoughts and provoke complex feelings through art. 

His original pieces often leave the observer in a 

dizzying state of euphoric introspection.

Although most commonly known as an Abstract Expressionist,

The Artist will frequently take on other commissions and collaborations.

Despite varying from satirical, mildly obscure, or works of complete 

geometric abstraction and psychedelic madness; every piece

created by The Artist retains a unique flair that is distinctly “Vagabond”.